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Introducing CLRifex

CLRifex is a game changing data transport solution for maximizing data throughput and connectivity for Over-The-Top (OTT) and livestream video delivery.

Data Throughput Benefit


Encoding Quality


Faster Video Start-up Time

Our novel solution supports all leading DRM formats, operating systems, and browsers. Gain a competitive technical advantage, delight your users, and increase profitability in your livestreaming and Over-The-Top (OTT) service delivery.

CLRifex has direct benefits and a clear business case for many verticals. Consider the applications of our technology in your organization:

Content Delivery

Your business is built on performance and availability. Our technology improves your data throughput to users while distributing your network load. Find out how.

Media Content Owners

You craft engaging stories and content to delight your viewers. Don’t compromise your customer’s video quality with standard technologies. Discover a better approach.

Video Platform Providers

Buffering and slow video start-up times contribute to customer churn. Our solution reduces these technical challenges and improves customer retention. Find out more.

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