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Solutions for Content Delivery

The consequence for poor experiences is churn; customers cancelling their subscription, and seeking out your competitors. Current market numbers show that churn rates for some OTT content distributors are as high as 30% per year. The cost of re-acquiring a single customer costs your business up to $40. Delivering a quality experiences reduce your costs and increases profitability.

A number of factors are combining to mean that demand for high quality video is outstripping supply.  We are seeing OTT video starting at a low base of 5% but growing extremely rapidly.  We are seeing also the proliferation of highly capable mobile devices and wireless networks, while 4K/AR video formats will only exacerbate the challenges. The technical challenges faced by your company include:

  • Maximizing user experience
  • Minimizing latency
  • Overcoming bandwidth limitations
  • Minimizing customer support time
  • Minimizing the cost of content delivery

High performance content delivery is critical to retain customers. They are able to switch to alternative content distributors with the click of a few buttons and entering credit card details. As the content distributor, your key challenge is delivering a great user experience and retaining these customers.

InterfereX is your partner in delivering a great user experience. Our CLRifex product overcomes the technical delivery challenges faced with over-the-top video on demand. You can find out more about CLRifex here.

Minimize your delivery costs, achieve a better user experience, and maximize your customer retention with InterfereX.