Amazing experience means retained customers.

Faster video start-up times and less buffering. It’s possible.

Solutions for Video Platform Providers

Platform providers like yourselves rely on a high level of engagement to drive revenue. The challenges in OTT and live streaming services are real and growing. OTT video publishers must provide amazing user experiences for Video on Demand (VoD) and live streaming customers.

Each rebuffering event reduces viewer engagement time by an average of 14 minutes. Each 5 second delay in video start-up time causes 25% audience abandonment. Bitrate shifts (especially downgrades) can increase abandonment rates by more than 400%. (Source: Akamai).

InterfereX enables a great user experience, overcoming the throughput and buffering challenges that turn end users away. The CLRifex solution is highly scalable and can be seamlessly integrated with content management systems.

Minimize your delivery costs, achieve a better user experience, and maximize your customer retention with InterfereX.